SAP Solution Manager is a data management solution that is used for managing data for information systems.

If you are looking to manage data or gain more insight into your data, you may want to consider SAP Solution Manager. It is an online portal that gives users the ability to access, analyse, and report on data for SAP applications. This tool is used to help the users understand how to manage data efficiently, which can help improve operations.

The Distinct Roles of SAP Solution Manager

The SAP Solution Manager is a centralised solution for your application and administration management. It implements, operates, supports, and monitors all your SAP solutions. For better control, the SAP Solution Manager is a platform that offers you integrated content, methodologies, tools, and perfect access to your SAP systems. Here is what an SAP Solution Manager (such as Avantra monitoring manager) does.

  • Data volume management
  • Custom code management
  • IT service management
  • Change control management
  • Process management
  • Project management
  • Application operations
  • Business process operations

4 Benefits of Using SAP Solution Manager

1. Better SAP HANA Support

The reinvention of SAP HANA has been in progress for some time, and most businesses took advantage of it to enhance their businesses. It was a little hectic at first, and many enterprises paused on the suite on HANA. With the SAP Solution Manager, you and your business can effectively run an SAP HANA landscape without any issue. Besides being more exciting, it also allows you a perfect entry point into the SAP HANA (it’s primarily applicable for companies that have not yet ventured into the HANA suite).

2. Enhanced Technical Monitoring

The SAP Solution Manager allows you better technical monitoring of your systems. As an admin, you can quickly plan and avoid unplanned downtime, maintain high system performance, and get better responsiveness. With the manager monitoring all the systems, you will easily plan for upgrades before the system falls apart. Even more, admins are quickly able to tackle problems before they become detrimental to your systems. You will get accurate time monitoring and notifications on the same. When you get the alerts, you can now use the manager to perform swift root cause analysis, fix the underlying problems, or assign them to the preferred experts. It is a great way to prioritise and route tasks to the desired desk of service.

Compared to the other SAP solutions, the solution manager has better infrastructure and features. It effectively monitors the functionality and gives you a single window for the whole landscape. With this, one can comfortably monitor, allow for effective documentation, and maintain the core systems of your business.

3. Better Planned Downtime Management

The SAP Solution Manager is a great tool to help you handle planned downtime better. It enables you to minimise the time required for the service as well as disruption of maintenance tasks. With the solution manager, you can use the Work Mode management function to plan downtime across different systems, turn off the alerts, and perform technical monitoring during the scheduled downtime. Even better, it reports on downtime.

It also has a ‘Maintenance Planner’ feature that allows you to enjoy a smooth maintenance process for your systems. It also models the dependencies, reducing the time and effort needed to plan and carry out maintenance activities. With this, you can ensure that your SAP systems will respond better and help you achieve your business goals.

4. Improved SAP Upgrade Project Management

With a well functional SAP Solution Manager, you will enjoy better efficacy and performance in your SAP systems. It makes the SAP upgrades less labour and time intensive. The manager has a specific tool (Project Administration Work Centre) that facilitates the SAP upgrade management planning and execution. Within a few minutes, you can have your system effectively working and correct upgrades. Other system features that you can use for your upgrade include build-once, deploy-to-many, as well as role-based features. After this, your SAP systems function simpler, swifter, and less costly.

SAP Solution Manager Role Summary

The SAP Solution Manager, commonly known as SolMan, is an excellent application lifecycle management platform. As seen in the paragraphs mentioned above, it is used to execute, maintain, integrate SAP systems, troubleshoot problems and keep your SAP systems and business running optimally. It keeps everything running securely and smoothly without the fear of unplanned downtime. Besides being reliable for your SAP systems, the Solution Manager offers you immeasurable stability for all your business aspects. It is worth your time, money, and effort.