Pen drives are a type of memory stick, designed to be used with a computer and available in many different sizes and speeds. They can also be used as a portable storage device, including for media such as music, photographs and videos. These devices have the ability to write to and read from any type of media that can be stored on a computer. Pen drives are small, slim and very inexpensive.

A USB pen drive is a tiny data storage device which contains flash memory plus an integrated USB connection. It is generally smaller than an ordinary micro SD card, about half the size, and much thinner than a typical pen. Most weigh no more than 30 grams. This small, light and cheap device is used by most people nowadays, in particular to store and transfer small amounts of information.

USB pen drives can easily be obtained at computer stores or even online. Also, they are available in a wide range of models. The cheapest among them is the SanDisk Ultra USB pen drive, which has been rated best buy for its small size, high performance and extreme portability. The next rank goes to the SanDisk Extreme Pro USB pen drive, which comes with a sleek design and is rated third for its storage capacity. In this category, you will find other types of pen drives, each with varying capacities.

What Is Pen Drives?

Some of the most popular models come with software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and could be connected to a PC via a USB cable to operate as such. For example, the SanDisk screen USB pen drive could be used to edit pictures and convert them into PDF format. With a click of the mouse, you could even edit your video files and presentations. While the pen drive is considered small, it could actually hold a huge amount of data, depending on its size and capacity.

Most pen drives are available at prices not much higher than the price of a single sheet of paper. As a result, they are perfect gifts for kids, who often get excited by the smallest things around. You can also use the gift for corporate purposes. For example, they could be given to the IT staff to help them remember to reset password protection on all the servers across the company, or even to show employees how easy they are to use.

Of course, the main reason for which people use pen drives is to take care of their finances. For those who regularly transfer large amounts of data to and from networks, the need for external hard drives is not debatable. However, for normal home users and occasional users, they might think about buying a pen drive instead. The best one can do is to find the right one at the right price.

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