A security door jamb is an important component to the security of a house. This component serves as a means of protecting the interior of the house from forced entry. A good security door jamb should be strong enough to withstand the force if a person tries to force an open or closed door from the outside. A wooden security door jamb is often used in conjunction with deadbolt locks to increase the security of the home.

Most exterior doors are made of wood. Hollow core steel doors have many advantages over their solid counterparts. A hollow core door does not have a reinforcing insert that would normally be required in a wooden door. Hollow core doors also have a tendency to be more malleable and resistant to being broken in an impact. Hollow core doors are frequently used to protect front and back porches as well as the main entries to a home.

The primary purpose for installing a door jamb on an exterior door is to provide a firmer, stronger barrier between the door and the wall. In the case of an exterior door, this can be particularly important due to the amount of movement that occurs through an exterior door. A door jamb should be constructed of heavy grade steel with a thick and well-balanced door strike plate. The strike plate is the part of the door that connects the exterior doors with the interior side of the frame.

Security Door Jamb

To choose a good security door jamb material one should take into account the security level required by the area where the door is to be installed. The thickness and density of the materials that can be used for the jamb will have a direct impact on the overall strength of the door. Materials such as hollow core plywood and thick gauge steel are typically used to make the majority of the exterior strengthening elements of a door.

One aspect of a strong door that needs to be addressed is the design of the strike plate and deadbolt. The strike plate needs to have a very thick and heavy gauge steel to counter the potential of a heavy door falling on top of it. The deadbolt must also be extremely heavy-duty; ideally it would be required to be able to withstand tremendous pressure when closed. A door with a double lock feature may also require an extra large deadbolt to ensure the integrity of the lock mechanism.

Security door jamb reinforcement requires a specialist to ensure that the installation is robust and complete. For a wooden door, the main weak point is the strike plate. As previously stated, the thickness of the material used and the number of hitches that are used in the construction will determine how weak or strong the door is. It is always best to seek the advice of a professional before attempting to install the door yourself. Many of these contractors can give sound advice on the best materials and strike plate options that are available to you.

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