For companies and individuals that need assistance in performing Penetration Testing, there are many Penetration Testing Books available on the market today. A comprehensive Penetration Testing book is an essential tool for gaining a greater understanding on the subject and learning how to perform penetration testing efficiently. The main goal of a Penetration Test is to successfully identify, locate, and extract the information needed by the exploitable software application to execute their intended function. This task is often a complex one where mistakes can be costly. Therefore, accurate, thorough, and detailed Penetration Testing documentation is crucial for software developers and administrators to successfully execute this important mission.

During the month of December, several prominent authors and researchers will be presenting their popular Penetration Testing books at the annual Usenix Security Symposium in New York. Two books that are garnering a lot of attention are Brian Henry’s “Cybersecurity: Design and penetration” and Michael J. Cafarella’s” Cybersecurity: Doing it Digital.” Both books are gaining rave reviews and have sold like crazy. In addition to having very high sales rankings, they also have been featured on numerous television shows including NBC’s Today Show. However, if these books are merely the tip of the iceberg, what’s behind the curtain of cyber security is much more interesting. To learn about the nuts and bolts of cyber security from these books, check out the following Cyber Security Books for the upcoming December.

An e-book by Kevin Mitnick entitled “The Art of Intelligence” provides detailed information on the ways hackers break into software systems. This book explains why hackers choose particular software to attack. It shows how to circumvent common security measures, such as firewalls and antivirus programs. It also explains how attackers make their copies of popular computer programs so they can expose them to the public. The hackers then use these copies to perform the various attacks. Although the information within this book is a bit outdated, it is still worth reading because it describes in great detail the different kinds of attacks hackers use against various software products.

Penetration Testing Books

Jeffrey Richter’s “Pen Test” is another valuable book that teaches people how to carry out ethical hacker activity within the workplace. One of the primary objectives of ethical hackers is to test the security of a business before submitting it for sale to customers. With a detailed demonstration on how to perform a multitude of simple testing procedures, Richter’s book provides a valuable insight into the inner workings of web applications development. The pen testing procedure has become one of the foremost techniques used by hackers to gain access to a company’s network.

David Greene’s “Deep Undercover: Penetration Testing and Computer Security” goes into more depth about ethical hacking and presents several case studies. The book includes some of the basics of pen testing; however, it goes into greater depth with detailed descriptions of specific types of attacks and how to execute them. Some of the chapters include “ethical hacking using Metasearch,” “modifying software bugs” and “penetration testing for corporate networks.” These are just a few of the many topics covered in the excellent book by David Greene.

Chris Evans’ “White-box Testing: An Insider’s Look at the Testing world” is an excellent guide for newbies to ethical hackers and penetration testers. This book describes how to set up a pen-testing laboratory, how to use Microsoft tools to gain network access, and how to use scanning tools to determine if a software program is infection free or has any security holes. It also includes a number of case studies and explanations for why certain techniques work and why others do not. While this book may be a bit technical for beginners, it provides a good foundation for understanding penetration testing techniques. Overall, this collection of Penetration Testing Books Review is a great way for networking professionals to become more knowledgeable about the subject.

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