Is My Network Secure? For most people, the question of whether their Facebook or Twitter page is “secure” comes up after a nasty experience. For example, a hacker might gain access to your home computer and wipe out your important data or they might go into your employee’s computer and delete vital information. A professional penetration testing company can help you determine if your network’s security is compromised.

The results of a comprehensive and complete network security test can help you save time and money by letting you know early on whether your system is fully protected from attack. A comprehensive test will not only test for vulnerabilities but also determine how well secured your system is against hackers. Not all tests can provide you with this valuable information, however, so before you sign up for a network security testing service, be sure to find a company that can provide you with a comprehensive report.

Is My Network Secure? Some tests allow you to test your email system. This is extremely useful for companies with a lot of mail traffic going in and out of their office. These tests can help prevent the growth of spam, which can harm your business and put your customers at risk. If a test finds a high percentage of spam in your email boxes, it can be an indication that the rest of your system is not secure. A low percentage of mail in your inboxes does not necessarily mean your system is safe and can indicate your weak points.

Is My Network Secure Test?

Is My Network Secure? One of the first things any network administrator needs to do is change the password to their server. If a test shows that your network is password protected, then you’ve found an easy way to pinpoint weak points in the system.

Is My Network Secure? Bypassing the layer of encryption that is placed on your network card is one way to make sure that your network passageway is actually secure. Many companies will use their network passageway as a way to protect their most secure data. Passwords are the common method of securing data and changing the password regularly will keep hackers from getting into it.

Is My Network Secure? Testing your network is the easiest way to let you know if there are any weaknesses. With just a few simple tests, you can find out whether or not a security hole is present in your network. You can change the way your network is set up so that your network is more secure and you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your data is secure.

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