Coding tests can enable your company to become more agile and flourish, backed by a highly efficient technical team. The technical team acts as the bedrock element of a company that ensures unlocking new milestones of success through innovation and continuous development. 

But with the increasing number of professions and specialisations emerging today, onboarding proficient coders and software developers has become a complex and tiresome task. Coding tests, allowing recruiters to screen the potential candidates and measure their coding capacity, conducted by online coding assessment platforms, have made the hiring process and onboarding talents effortless and more efficient. 

No matter if you are an aspiring candidate or someone new at recruiting, I have come up with everything essential you need to know about online coding tests. So, you can select the best coding test platform to recruit the experts and make your company thrive as the next leading tech giant. 

What are Coding Tests?

Coding tests are data-driven computerised assessments that enable recruiters to validate and scale the coding skills of a programmer or engineer. It helps the hiring managers to screen potential candidates for their technical efficiency without undergoing a tedious and lengthy recruitment process. 

The online coding tests platform you select to get a better insight into the skills and capabilities of the candidates must:

  • Offer consistent programming tests
  • Support different coding languages, framework, and skills
  • Come with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Benefits of Coding Tests

To make the recruitment process effortless and hire the best software engineers or software developers to strengthen the technical team, companies depend on online coding tests to a great extent. 

The benefits of using this online service are many but not limited to:

  • Evaluate the Candidate Better Beyond the CV: When the company’s growth and flourishment largely depend on its IT and developers, screening the potential candidates based on their CVs and academic excellence is not enough. An online coding test acts as a catalyst to evaluate and examine the candidate’s potential and coding capabilities, going beyond his/her grades. 
  • Get Access to International Talent Pool: With the increasing trend of globalisation, employers are getting interested in the international talent pool to revolutionise their operational power and boost innovation. Online programming tests have made the evaluation and interview process easy for the hiring companies. It has also enabled candidates to go beyond the borders and exhibit their coding skills to companies offshore
  • Prevention of Loss of Potential Candidates: From CV screening to roll out interviews, the conventional recruitment process is lengthy and may sometimes take months, even years that can lead to the loss of many talented and potential candidates. With an online coding assessment platform, screening candidates has become effortless that can shorten the hiring process, making it less time-consuming. 
  • Time Usage: The time-bound coding tests allow employers to assess the candidates’ time management skills without compromising the performance.
  • Opportunity to Evaluate all Candidates Simultaneously: An online coding assessment platform enables the recruiters to evaluate all interested candidates simultaneously. It makes the screening process faster and allows employers to shortlist the eligible candidates effortlessly. 
  • Easy Integration With ATS: What about making your hiring process smarter and getting a better insight into the applicants’ technical capability? An online coding test platform can revolutionise your hiring process by offering seamless integration with your ATS (Applicant Tracking system). 

Ways to Ace Coding Tests

Are you an aspiring software developer or engineer intending to ace your next coding test? Let’s go through some pro tips to pave your way to get your dream job:

Master the Basics

Many times, recruiters try to evaluate how the candidates approach to solve the basic coding questions. No matter how skilled you are in programming, don’t forget to practice the basics: 

  • looping structures
  • program structures
  • Operands
  • Variable declaration, etc. 

Learn about the Company

Researching the company can help you ace both the coding test and interview. Know if they conduct coding assessments on whiteboard or online. Learn about the software they are specialised in, the companies they are collaborating with, and the framework and language they are using. Thus, you can prepare yourself accordingly and narrow down your answers and preparations. 

Focus on Your Programming Language

While there are many programming languages, like Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and C/C++, advanced system engineering usually runs on C/C++. Try to master the skill of these high-level coding languages. 

Use Online Coding Tests Platform

Sharpen your coding skill with online coding test platforms that offer various time-bound coding challenges and technical questions for practice and preparation for interviews. These platforms enable candidates to run their codes with their test cases.

How to Choose an Online Codings Test

If you are a recruiter intending to use a coding test software, go through the following guideline before deciding on one:

  • Before picking a coding test software, make sure it supports all high-level languages and the programming language your company works with. Evaluate if it offers all essential frameworks and skillsets corresponding to the company’s requirements. 
  • Count on a provider that offers precision in evaluating micro-skills and coding theories. 
  • Consider a platform that is easy to use for both recruiters and candidates, comes with a user-friendly interface, enables you to schedule tests, run virtual interviews and scale, and monitor the candidates’ performance. 
  • Count on the features like scalability, output validation, test customisation, auto-evaluation, anti-cheating facility, etc. 

Rely on Geektastic and Fine-tune Your Hiring Process

Are you searching for a reliable online coding test platform to accelerate your hiring process with peer-reviewed code tests? Geektastic can be your ultimate choice that comes with so many surpassing benefits:

  • Geektastic doesn’t use any automated technology to screen the applicants. The thoroughly expert review team comprising highly efficient software developers at Geektastic analyses and evaluates the candidates’ technical and coding skills carefully. So you can shortlist the hand-picked candidates and speed up the hiring process. 
  • With the unparalleled screening process of Geektastic, all candidates get unbiased chances to exhibit their coding and technical skills. So the recruiters can screen a pool of talented candidates and hire the best one. 
  • With the human-reviewed screening process of Geektastic, hiring competent developers has become effortless for employers. The candidates can collaborate, learn from the mistakes, earn from the platform and get the motivation to shine!